We are looking for a producer to work on two long-term projects over the next 2 years. One is a revival of a play which will have a run at Jermyn Street Theatre in early 2019, and a regional and international tour. The other is a brand new musical which will be developed over the next year, and is due to ...
Brighton Fringe!

Last Performance of Muscovado!

We've had a wild ride, been lucky enough to take Muscovado across England, educating the masses about black history. We've performed in beautiful venues! Bexley Bridport Plymouth And had pretty crazy experiences! Our last show for this year is at RADA Festival, London. Its the last opportunity to see Muscovado for quite some time... However its now SOLD OUT - WAITING LIST OPEN! So many exciting things ...
Danson House on tour!

Muscovado getting School-ed

We were privileged enough to bring Muscovado to Hall Place in Bexley! A beautiful Tudor building to set the scene for our educational play about slavery. We performed in front of over 400 school children over the space of 3 days, a very vocal and responsive audience that made the experience truly rewarding. It was also very inspirational to see young ...

Muscovado travels to Liverpool, Brighton and Bridport in one week!!

 Liverpool docks, formerly sugar stores Last week 'Muscovado' journeyed to Liverpool, Brighton and Bridport! Here's a snapshot of the cities we visited that all retain the footprint of slavery and the sugar trade... We got some great reviews too! ****** - "Tremendous... The best little touring productions you will be lucky to catch this year" - Bridport Review **** - "The production successfully evokes ...
On tour in Plymouth!

Stoke Damerel Church, Plymouth

Muscovado felt at home playing at Stoke Damerel Church in Plymouth, having begun its journey at Holy Trinity Church, Clapham. Stoke Damerel Church is one of the oldest churches in Plymouth as it has been a site of worship for over seven hundred years.     Not only was Plymouth a slave trade port in the 17th century, but Plymouth and its inhabitants were then instrumental ...
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Muscovado in Bristol

We were thrilled to take Muscovado to Bristol, since it was such a significant location during the Atlantic Slave Trade. It's known that between 1698 and 1807, 2,108 ships sailed from Bristol to Africa in order to swap goods for enslaved Africans, who were then taken to the Caribbean. The slave trade made Bristol an even wealthier trade port than it already ...

Leaving Hull

Traveling 5 hours from London to Hull was very tiring for Cast and Crew but the moment they saw Hull's streets their spirits lifted. They threw themselves into getting set up and getting the show going for that evening's performance. Hull's history is inherently linked to abolition of slavery with it being the hometown of none other than William Wilberforce. We ...
Performing in Hull on tour of Slave Trade cities

We’re in Hull Daily Mail!

    Delighted to have a spread in Hull Daily Mail ahead of our performances at FRUITSPACE, Hull next week!

Brand New Tour Trailer for Muscovado

Here's our brand new trailer for our Muscovado Tour!! by Reece Lynch

The New Current interview artistic director Clemmie Reynolds

London Theatre Interview Series 2014 Muscovado Clemmie Reynolds  Theatre 503 24 Feb – 7 March, Tues - Sat 7.45pm, Sun 5pm Having already had a successful run in London during Black History Month in 2014 BurntOut Theatre's original production by promising playwright Matilda Ibini 'Muscovado' will be touring several cities around the UK in 2015. A stirring and power piece 'Muscovado' takes a hard look at the role ...